13-06 – Cadet Contact Procedures

Cadet Administrative and Training Orders (CATOs)

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1. The importance of parents or guardians being able to contact their son or daughter at all times is paramount.  The Canadian Forces (CF) have a responsibility to ensure that when the youth is participating in cadet activities, parents or guardians are provided with all the key points of contact.

2. In order to ensure that parents or guardians have the necessary information, cadet corps Commanding Officers (CO), CO’s of Cadet Summer Training Centres (CSTC) or CO’s of other support establishments for training of cadets shall implement this policy.

Procedures - Cadet Corps

3. Cadet corps CO’s shall ensure that parents or guardians are fully aware of how to contact their son or daughter or the supervisory personnel of the cadet corps either by phone or in person.  The contact lists will include cadet corps phone numbers, mail and e-mail addresses. 

4. Contact lists will be sent home with the cadets at the outset of the Local Headquarters (LHQ) training year and that same information will be provided during the first meeting with the parents in the training year. 

5. During special activities outside the cadet corps, the CO shall ensure that parents are aware of the name and phone number of the duty personnel.

Procedures - CSTC and Others Trainings Establishements

6. CSTC’s and other training establishments shall send contact phone numbers and the appropriate mailing address to the parents or guardians in the joining instructions prior to the beginning of the summer training or other authorized training.  The contact lists will include duty personnel phone numbers.

7. Reference will also be made to visiting hours and contact phone numbers during and after duty hours of instruction.

8. While at a CSTC or other training establishment, no person shall be permitted to leave with a cadet unless the information provided in the CF 51 (Application and approval – cadet activities) has been verified.  The CO  shall delegate a member of his staff to verify the CF 51.

Base Contact

9. The responsibility to advise base/garrison/wing personnel of all contact phone numbers rests with the CO CSTC or the training establishment CO.

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