13-16 Annex C - Cadet Certificate of Commendation

Cadet Administrative and Training Orders (CATOs)


1. The Cadet Certificate of Commendation may be awarded to a cadet for outstanding deeds in attempting to save the life or property of another person.


2. A cadet who is awarded the Cadet Certificate of Commendation will receive a certificate and a pin.  The certificate will show the cadet's name, include an appropriate citation and be signed by the D Cdts & JCR.  The pin is a silver bar with one maple leaf and shall be worn on the cadet uniform in accordance with the current elemental dress instructions.

Terms of Reference

3. Awarding of the Cadet Certificate of Commendation is governed by the following terms:

  1. a recommendation that a cadet be awarded the Cadet Certificate of Commendation shall be initiated by the Commanding Officer (CO) of the Cadet Corps, who shall obtain the concurrence of the provincial League and local sponsoring committee;
  2. the recommendation, together with the League and sponsoring committee concurrence, shall be forwarded through RCSUs for onward transmission to  D Cdts & JCR; and
  3. the approving authority is the National Cadet Honours and Awards Committee.

Notification of Award

4. Notification that a cadet has been awarded the Cadet Certificate of Commendation shall be sent by D Cdts & JCR to the applicable Regional Cadet Support Unit (RCSU) who shall notify the CO of the cadet corps while providing advice on the award presentation procedures.

5. The RCSU will publish the name of the recipient in routine orders and shall issue a press release explaining the circumstances surrounding the act for which the certificate is awarded.

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