13-16 Annex E - Royal Canadian Legion Cadet Medal of Excellence

Cadet Administrative and Training Orders (CATOs)


1. The Royal Canadian Legion (RCL) Cadet Medal of Excellence is awarded in recognition for individual endeavours in citizenship that meet or enhance the aims and objectives of the cadet movement.

2. The program is wholly sponsored by the RCL.


3. This decoration consists of a circular old-silver coloured medal with a ribbon. On the obverse is the insignia of the RCL. The ribbon, 1.5 inches wide (3.8 cm), is blue with a large gold median.

Terms of Reference

4. The awarding of the RCL Cadet Medal of Excellence is governed by:

  1. each cadet corps/sqn may award one medal per training year unless other instructions are received by the RCSU based on restrictions from the RCL;
  2. the corps/sqn CO is the approving authority for the awarding of the medal;
  3. the medal may be awarded only once to any one individual;
  4. the awarding of this medal is based upon a recognized national standard to maintain the prestige and value of the award throughout Canada; and
  5. awarding of the medal is optional.

5. A more formal and centralized selection process may be established at the Detachment level to consider recommendations of corps/sqn COs for the RCL Cadet Medal of Excellence.

Selection Criteria

6. The main objective in awarding the RCL Cadet Medal of Excellence is to emphasize the citizenship aspects of the cadet program.  To be eligible for consideration, a cadet must meet the following conditions:

  1. met all requirements of the corps/sqn annual mandatory and optional training programs;
  2. participated in a minimum of three community service events, in addition to those supported by the cadet corps/sqn;
  3. regarded by peers and superiors as exemplifying the model cadet; and
  4. enhanced the cadet corps/sqn through:
    (1) co-operation with peers and subordinates,
    (2) comradeship,
    (3) promoting goodwill and morale within the corps/sqn,
    (4) aiding in the development of group identity and cohesiveness,
    (5) supporting and assisting fellow unit members, and
    (6) his/her involvement in the local community.

Selection Procedure

7. The corps/sqn CO should seek the recommendations of the sponsoring committee, the school principal and representatives of any community service organization to which the cadet may have provided assistance, in order to assist in determining the merit of the cadet under consideration.

8. The CO should seek the active participation of local authorities of the RCL in the selection process.

9. When the CO (or the Selection Committee when constituted) determines that a RCL Cadet Medal of Excellence will be awarded, he/she shall advise the region/detachment in accordance with instructions received by the RCSU.

Medal Presentation

10. The CO will liaise with the local RCL branch to ensure that a Legion representative can be made available to present the medal at the corps Annual Review.

11. The CO will liaise with the local RCL branch for the procurement of the medal unless other instructions are received by the RCSU.


12. If lost or stolen, this medal and undress ribbon can be replaced by sending a request to the local RCL branch.

13. This request must include the name of the person requesting the medal, his telephone number and the address where the medal is to be sent.

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