13-26 Annex B - ​​Sample Letter – Return to Unit

Cadet Administrative and Training Orders (CATOs)

File number


CO RCSU address

RETURN TO UNIT (Particulars of cadet or Staff Cadet)

(Name of cadet corps and location)

Reference:  A. CATO 13-26

1. Provide information outlining circumstances surrounding the case and the reason why the cadet was RTU.  Provide any other relevant details if necessary.

2. Provide details of administrative or disciplinary action(s) taken after the decision was taken to RTU the cadet and include travel arrangements.

3. Provide any other relevant information if required.


Signature block


c.c. CO RCSU (if home region is different)



Any letter will be made in accordance with applicable legislation, regulations and orders including privacy and age of majority legislation and regulations.  In the case of significant incidents, the procedures outlined in CATO 12-26, Reporting of Significant Incidents shall be followed.


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