14-15 – First Aid Requirements and Training

Cadet Administrative and Training Orders (CATOs)


1. This order sets out the policy, definitions and procedures applying to First Aid (FA) requirements and training within the Canadian Cadet Organisations (CCO).


2. The following definitions apply to this policy:

Adult Supervisor

An Adult Supervisor means an Officer of the Cadet Instructor Cadre (CIC), a member of another component of the Canadian Forces (CF) employed in support of cadets or while instructing cadets, a Civilian Instructor (CI), or a civilian contracted to deliver specialized training to cadets.

Cadet Duty

Cadet duty includes:

  1. participation in, or attendance at, an authorized cadet activity or period of instruction; and
  2. proceeding to and returning from the place where a cadet activity or period of instruction is performed, other than:
    (1) a parade,
    (2) a demonstration,
    (3) an exercise or other activity, or
    (4) a period of instruction, conducted at a local headquarters.
    (for further clarity, cadet duty shall commence once a cadet has reported to the recognized adult supervisor at the designated location for the commencement of a cadet activity. Cadet duty shall end at the designated time and location for completion of the activity. Cadet duty includes travel from one cadet activity to another cadet activity provided such travel is explicitly authorized as part of the cadet activity. Cadet duty excludes travel prior to the commencement of an approved cadet activity and travel subsequent to completion of the activity.)

First Aid

First aid is defined as the emergency help given to an injured or suddenly ill person using readily available materials.


3. The Canadian Forces (CF) are committed to ensuring the safety of every cadet and cadet instructor by providing to some officers of the CIC and cadets the knowledge necessary to apply first aid to the injured until medical personnel become available.

Application and Scope

4. This policy is in effect during cadet duty.

5. Each cadet corps/sqn shall have at least one FA qualified adult supervisor, civilian volunteer or cadet aged 16 or over to apply first aid to the injured until medical personnel become available when required.

6. Annex A provides a list of specific activities requiring the presence of an adult supervisor, a civilian volunteer or a senior cadet aged 16 or more FA qualified.

7. The requirement for FA qualified personnel for regional and local activities shall be described in the appropriate policies and/or directives.

Education and Training

8. The FA instructors must be registered at the DND Special Centre for First Aid. Registration can be accomplished by forwarding a copy of the Instructor Certification wallet card along with Service Number, Name, Initials and Unit.

9. As per Chief Military Personnel Instruction 11/06, all officers of the CIC will receive initial Military Standard First Aid training upon implementation of the Basic Officer Training Course (BOTC).  Until implementation of the BOTC, Regions continue to be responsible for ensuring personnel are qualified through regionally devised training strategies. In addition, Regions still have an ongoing obligation, for which funding was previously transferred baseline, to ensure that 30% of officers of the CIC employed at CSTC were Standard FA qualified.

10. First Aid training for cadets at the corps/sqn level is part of the Optional Program and/or the Regionally Directed Activities. Appropriate regional policies and/or directives will provide required information. First Aid training for cadets is also part of the CSTC Program on specific courses.

11. Recertification will be done on an as needed basis, as determined by Regions based on the policy outlined at paragraph 5 of this CATO.

Training and Certification Materials

12. The Regions, through base supply, will order all Military First Aid Safety Oriented (MFASO) Manuals and Training Aids:

  1. Instructor Guide – AMD-050-072/PF- 001;
  2. Student’s Activity Book – AMD-050-072/PW- 001;
  3. Examination – AMD-050-072/PX- 001; and
  4. FA Trg - DVD – AMD-050-072/PF- 003.

13. The Regions must purchase First Aid certificates, wallet cards and badges from the St John Ambulance.

14. Regions shall contact the DND Special Centre for First Aid at 613-945-6793 to obtain a list of course numbers to be included on the course report. The course number must also be included on wallet cards and certificates.

Course Reports

15. In completing the DND First Aid / CPR Course Report found at Annex B, the following procedure is to be adopted:

  1. the course number may be obtained from the DND Special Centre for First Aid through Detachment/Region;
  2. the code to identify a cadet is MC;
  3. for cadets, do not write anything in the SN/PRI section; and
  4. submit the course reports through regional authorities to NDHQ/Special Centre for First Aid at the end of each course.


Annex A

Requirements for First Aid Qualified Personnel

Annex B

DND – First Aid/CPR Course Report

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