14-41 Annex C - ​Ranges

Cadet Administrative and Training Orders (CATOs)


1. This annex establishes the policy for use of ranges within the CCO. It does not supersede B-GL-381-001/TS-000 (Training Safety) or relevant CATO, CFAO or DAOD documents.

2. This annex does not supersede any references or additional orders issued by NDHQ technical authorities with regard to the security, safe possession, employment or handling of rifles.


3. Adherence to established procedures and caution are critical elements in ensuring that ranges are used without incident.

4. It is the responsibility of the Range Safety Officer (RSO) to ensure the safe layout and operation of the range.

5. The following safety rules are to be strictly adhered to when using a range:

  1. personnel must be instructed in the safe use and operation of the rifle prior to firing;
  2. an inspection of the range is to be made prior to commencement to ensure serviceability and safety;
  3. access to the range area shall be strictly controlled by the RSO; and
  4. a first aid kit must be available at the firing point.

6. Rifles may only be fired on a properly prepared range.

7. Range training safety must be consistent for all range operations regardless of the calibre of rifle being used. Failure to apply proper range procedures will inevitably result in improper and unsafe training practices that are not consistent with standard of care expected from a RSO.

Indoor Ranges

8. No training, of any type, is to be conducted on any small-bore or large-bore indoor range.

Note: An indoor range setup which has not been previously used for the firing of small-bore or large-bore rifles, or has been decommissioned and decontaminated, and is used for the firing of air rifles is not affected by this policy.

Outdoor Military Ranges

9. Corps/squadrons using outdoor military ranges will abide by CF regulations pertaining to RSO and to range standing orders issued by the supporting unit.

Outdoor Civilian Ranges

10. Use of outdoor civilian ranges may be authorized by the RCSU CO if they meet the guidelines listed in the message NDHQ D CDTS 677 171745Z SEP 94:

  1. the outdoor civilian range has been certified by the appropriate civilian authority; and
  2. the owners of the outdoor civilian range hold a valid operating certificate from the responsible civilian controlling agency be it municipal or provincial/territorial.
    Note: If a range is certified by a civilian authority no other DND certification is necessary.

Air Rifle Ranges

11. The procedures for the layout and the operations of an air rifle range are described in Appendix 1 to this annex.


Appendix 1 

Air Rifle Ranges

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