14-42 – ​Biathlon Common Program

Cadet Administrative and Training Orders (CATOs)


1. This order defines the types of biathlon training authorized within the Canadian Cadet Movement (CCM) as well as the policies that govern the use of resources associated to this type of activity.

2. Biathlon is part of the complementary and optional programs at the Corps/Squadrons level, part of the Regionally Directed Activities for the zone and provincial competition and part of the Nationally Directed Activities for the national championship.

3. Biathlon is a sport that combines physical fitness with marksmanship skills through a combination of two activities.

  1. physical fitness: a macro-level muscle activity with high aerobic demands that requires strength, speed, endurance with the ability to rapidly recover to a resting heart rate. The physical fitness aspect may be conducted in the traditional winter version of skiing or through the use of an equally physically demanding summer version with running; and
  2. marksmanship: a micro-level muscle activity that requires fine motor control and delicate precision. The marksmanship aspects may be conducted using either smallbore or air rifle.

4. Furthermore Biathlon is a sport where the use of cadets in official’s positions is practical, thereby allowing additional leadership opportunities for senior cadets.  Opportunities for senior cadets to be incorporated into the official’s organization at appropriate levels should be maximized.


5. The aims of the cadet biathlon program are:

  1. to allow all cadets an opportunity to participate in a progressive biathlon program;
  2. to promote physical fitness;
  3. to compliment the cadet marksmanship program;
  4. to promote the safe handling of rifles;
  5. to produce proficient coaches and officials; and
  6. to stimulate and maintain an interest in the Canadian Cadet Organizations (CCO) and act as a recruiting tool.

6. The Biathlon Program has both recreational and competitive aspects:

  1. Recreational: Basic physical activity combined with introductory air rifle firing is integrated into a simple activity that can be performed by each cadet at the local corps or squadron.  This should also include a confirmatory activity combining the marksmanship and fitness activities into a true biathlon; and
  2. Competition: Various levels (local, zone, provincial, national) and types of competition (individual and team races) that allow cadets to participate in progressively challenging activities.

Recreational Activity

7. This should consist of a simple program that is accessible to cadets from all three elements in order to meet the following objectives:

  1. introduce all cadets to the concept of biathlon;
  2. be practised at the corps and squadron level;
  3. promote physical fitness at the corps and squadron level;
  4. compliment the Cadet Marksmanship Program; and
  5. have cadets participate in a fun filled activity.

Competition Activity

8. This component will incorporate the various skills learned into an activity that will introduce cadets to friendly competition.  These competitions will be structured as part of the CCM Biathlon Championship Series (CCMBCS).

9. The CCMBCS will serve to meet the following objectives:

  1. to enhance the training done at the corps/squadron or at the development centres;
  2. introduce cadets to the competitive process;
  3. to improve the personal development and physical fitness of competing cadets;
  4. to improve the personal development of cadet officials relating to leadership skills;
  5. to promote sportsmanship, sports etiquette and fair play; and
  6. to provide a tri-service activity.

10. Annex A describes the CCMBCS.


Annex A

CCM Biathlon Championship Series

Annex A - Appendix 1

National Cadet Biathlon Championship

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