14-43 Annex B - ​Canadian Cadet Movement Marksmanship Championship Series

Cadet Administrative and Training Orders (CATOs)


1. The Canadian Cadet Movement Marksmanship Championship Series (CCMMCS) will be conducted annually in four stages:

  1. Stage 1 – Corps/Squadron Selection;
  2. Stage 2 – Zone Competition;
  3. Stage 3 – Provincial Competition; and
  4. Stage 4 – National Championship.

2. Details concerning the event conduct, rules, and match conditions are found in A-CR-CCP-177/PT-001, Cadet Marksmanship Program – Reference Manual.

3. Funding and OPI responsibilities will be as follows:

  1. Stage 1 – Corps and Squadrons;
  2. Stage 2 – RCSU;
  3. Stage 3 – RCSU; and
  4. Stage 4 – Director – Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers (D Cdts & JCR).

4. The locations for the conduct of Stages 1 through 3 will be at the discretion of the relevant OPI.

5. For Stage 4, D Cdts & JCR will request a Region to host and conduct the Championship. Appendix 1 to this annex provides guidance to assist in the planning and conduct of  Stage 4.

100 club

6. The « 100 Club » is sponsored by the Royal Canadian Legion and by the Army Cadet League of Canada (ACLC) and recognizes excellence of those cadets from the three elements firing a perfect target during stage 3 and/or 4.  Guidelines are:

  1. the ACLC will distribute a certain number of rewards annually to the regional marksmanship program coordinators who will be responsible for awarding them;
  2. the rewards will be awarded to cadets who achieve a perfect score (100 points) at a provincial or national championship match;
    Note: As a courtesy to the Royal Canadian Legion, a representative should be invited to award these prizes
  3. a cadet will receive no more than one reward per competition, even if he or she fires more than one perfect score;
  4. the ACLC will keep an updated list of the 100 Club members. On 1 June of every year, the RCSU will issue a list of cadets (including name, rank, corps/squadron, province and date of feat) who fire a perfect target at a provincial championship. For the nationals, the host RCSU will provide the list;
  5. the perfect targets will be handed out to the cadets after the competition; and
  6. the list of the 100 Club members will be posted on the Canadian Cadets Organizations (CCO) Internet site.


Appendix 1

National Cadet Marksmanship Championship

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