14-43 Annex B Appendix 1 - National Cadet Marksmanship Championship

Cadet Administrative and Training Orders (CATOs)


1. The National Cadet Marksmanship Championships (the Championship) is part of the Nationally Directed Activities. It will be conducted annually, normally in May.

2. Regions will be requested to host the Championship and conduct it on behalf of Director Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers (D Cdts & JCR).  When practical and financially affordable, the hosting request will be rotated amongst the Regions. This will allow equitable opportunities for development of regional marksmanship personnel and allow greater diversity in citizenship activities.

3. The conduct of the Championship will be done in accordance with the following references:

  1. D Cdts & JCR annual directive;
  2. A-CR-CCP-177/PT001;
  3. NDHQ 7500-1 (DLBM/TM) 18 May 2000 (The New Licensing Standard); and
  4. D Cdts Air Transport Advisory: Baggage Restrictions (March 2002).

Championship Coordinator

4. The host Region will appoint a full-time regional staff member to be Championship Coordinator.  The Championship Coordinator will be responsible to the RSCU CO of the host Region for assisting the Championship Director with the implementation of the Championship.

Championship Director

5. The host Region will appoint a Championship Director to oversee all aspects of the Championship.  The Championship Director will be responsible to the RSCU CO of the host Region for the conduct of the Championship.

Championship Staff

6. Regions will be requested to provide staff to assist in the conduct of the Championship. All staff areas that interact with coaches and competitors must have a bilingual capability. These personnel will be under the command of the Championship Director for the duration of their duty.

7. D Cdts & JCR will co-ordinate the staffing of these positions.

8. Cadet Officials will be included on the Championship staff.  They will be involved in positions of responsibility, and therefore should be senior (age 16 years or older) cadets with marksmanship experience.

9. All officials filling “Chief” or “Referee” positions shall have previous relevant experience at the provincial and at the national levels.


10. Selection of competitors is in accordance with reference at para 3a above.

11. Coaches will be under command of the Championship Director for the duration of the Championship.


12. Coaches are responsible to the Championship Director for the behaviour of their respective teams. Coaches will accompany and supervise their respective cadets during all activities.

13. Competition Staff is responsible for the behaviour of the cadet officials assigned to them.

14. The rules stated in CATO15-22, Conduct and Discipline – Cadets, will be applicable to all Competitors and Cadet officials participating in the Championship.


15. Competitors and Cadet Officials.  Cadets will wear the C2 or C3 (Army and Air only) uniform during travel and the C2 uniform for the awards ceremony.  Wearing of appropriate civilian clothing is authorized during the championship.

16. Staff/Coaches.  Staff and coaches escorting cadets will wear appropriate military clothing during their travel and the #3 Service Dress for the awards ceremony. Civilian instructors shall wear equivalent civilian clothing.  During the championship, staff and coaches shall wear CADPAT or another uniform. For CIs, wearing of appropriate civilian clothing is required during the championship.

17. Order of dress for the recreational and cultural activities will be at the discretion of the Championship Director. Competitors and coaches may be allowed to wear a provincial/regional team jacket during cultural activities and free time.

Support Services

18. The host Region will co-ordinate with the applicable local support agencies to arrange support services.

Competition Rules and Technical Details

19. The competition will be conducted under the rules contained in reference at para 3b above.

20. The hosting RCSU CO, in consultation with D Cdts & JCR, will have final authority on all rules related issues.

School Studies

21. To ensure that cadets are not adversely affected by their absence from school, facilities and supervisors will be available for study periods.  Any special needs should be identified to the regional coordinator.


22. Regions are to ensure that all participants arrive with appropriate equipment, including spotting scopes and rifles.

23. Ammunition will be provided for both training and the competition. No other ammunition is to be used or brought to the championship site.


24. Championship Directive.  D Cdts & JCR will issue annually a Championship Directive.  This Directive will provide details on Championship organization, staffing, and schedule as well as any other pertinent information.

25. Joining Instructions.  The host Region will issue detailed Joining Instructions for participants.  These will be issued at least two months prior to the conduct of the Championship.

26. Championship Handbook.  The Championship Director will issue a Handbook to all staff/coaches upon arrival at the Championship.  This Handbook will provide details on relevant Championship activities so all personnel are aware of locations, timings and administrative details.

27. Form CF51.  Completed CF 51s are required for all competitors and cadet officials attending the Championship.  Each application has to be medically screen by the parent region. Any concern shall be sent to the host region. The original CF 51 may be forwarded by mail in advance to the host Region Coord or submitted at in-clearance.  Part one sections A and D and Part two are essential.  The parent Regions have to keep a copy of all CF-51.

28. Each Region shall provide a list of all cadets selected to participate to the National Championship and send it to the host Region. The form to be used will be sent under separate cover to each regional coordinator.

Rations and Quarters

29. The host Region will establish an athlete’s village for all cadets, coaches and staff.  Rations and quarters will be provided for all authorized participants for the duration of the Championship.


30. Regional movement staffs are to co-ordinate movement of all competitors, cadet officials and escorts through D Cdts & JCR.  Staff travelling without cadets will be booked through Regional Movement Offices and the government travel service.

31. For teams travelling to the host Region by ground transportation, highway cruisers are authorized.

32. Shipping of some team equipment prior to the Championships may be required.  Details will be included in the Joining Instructions.

33. Luggage restrictions will be strictly followed. Details will be included in the Joining Instructions.  Reimbursement of the excess luggage fees is not authorized.

34. Some airlines are charging one-way handling fees per rifle case. This fee has to be paid at the airport during the check in.


35. Some members of the staff will be provided with local transport while at the Championship.

36. In accordance with reference at para 3c above, all drivers will require DND 404s to be authorized for driving DND rental vehicles.  It is a regional responsibility to ensure staff/coaches possess DND 404s.

Support Requirements

37. Coaches are responsible for the administration of their cadets from their parent Region to the host Region and return.  Daily administrative and logistics requirements for the teams during the competition period are the responsibility of the host Region.


38. D Cdts & JCR will co-ordinate funding for the following items:

  1. pay and temporary duty expenses for staff and coaches (Regions to action);
  2. movement for authorized personnel;
  3. MSE; and
  4. championship support services.

39. A maximum of expenditure for the citizenship activities will be allocated in the annual directive.

40. Only designated personnel are authorized to expend funds.

41. Coaches should carry an advance to cover unforeseen travel expenses for all cadets on their team.  Claims are to be finalized upon return to parent Region.

42. It is advisable that all personnel have in their possession a reasonable amount of money for personal expenses.


43. A temporary Medical Inspection Room (MIR) will be established for the Championship.

44. The host Region will co-ordinate the provision of two medical technicians for the manning of the MIR.

45. All cadets, coaches and staff must be in possession of a valid medical insurance card.

46. In addition to any medical information contained on the CF51s, the medical staff is to be advised on in-clearance of medical issues relating to Championship personnel.

Cultural Activities

47. The Championship will include cultural, recreational and citizenship activities.  The activities should emphasize the unique nature of the host region, and support the cadet movement aims of citizenship, physical fitness and an interest in the Canadian Forces.  D Cdts & JCR shall approve these activities at least a month prior to the Championship.

Background Activities

48. The Championship will include background activities held concurrently with the competition.  Participation to these activities will be optional.  The host Region should organize fun and challenging activities that will allow cadets to learn more about the location of the Championship venue, test their physical abilities and build team spirit.


49. The host Region is responsible for results and to provide official copies of Championship results to D Cdts & JCR, Regions, Leagues and team coaches at the end of the Championship.


50. The host Region, in cooperation with D Cdts & JCR, will co-ordinate the trophies and individual medals to be awarded.

Awards Ceremony

51. An awards ceremony will be conducted at the end of the Championship.

Public Relations

52. The host Region will co-ordinate public relations with Regions and the Leagues.

53. The host Region will be responsible for establishing a Championship web site at least two months prior to the event. It will include all relevant Championship documentation as well as daily results, aggregate results and pictures of Championship activities. Additional relevant public affairs material may be included.


54. Visit clearance through the Regional Co-ordinator will be required for visitors to the Championship.  Visitors will be responsible for their own rations, quarters and transport.

55. The guest list for the awards ceremony will be co-ordinated between D Cdts & JCR and the host Region.

After Action Report

56. The host Region will provide an After Action Report to D Cdts & JCR no later than 30 June of the Championship year.  Other Regions may submit an After Action Report on activities to D Cdts & JCR no later than 30 June of that year.

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