14-48 Annex A - ​Feu de Joie

Cadet Administrative and Training Orders (CATOs)


1. This annex establishes the policy concerning the planning, supervision, training and conduct of Feu de Joie ceremonies.


2. The RCSU CO is responsible for authorizing Feu de Joie activities and/or training.

3. CSTC COs shall request authorisation from the RCSU CO prior to commencement of any training for Feu de Joie.  The request shall confirm that all required measures are in place to ensure that these activities will be conducted in a safe manner IAW the policies described in this CATO.

Selection of Cadets

4. To be eligible to train for (or participate in) Feu de Joie, cadets shall have completed their Phase 3/Silver Star/Level 3 training at the corps/squadron.

Training References

5. Appropriate technical references for the rifles used to perform Feu de Joie shall be available to all instructors who plan, supervise or participate in Feu de Joie training or firing.

Instructors Qualification

6. Only those adult instructors who have received appropriate instruction concerning blank ammunition (and the rifle in which the ammo is used) shall be authorised to conduct “blank ammunition” training.

Handling Skills

7. Before actually firing, every participant in a Feu de Joie ceremony shall complete the required training and confirm their ability to safely handle the rifle involved by successfully completing a handling test conducted by a qualified instructor.

8. Participants shall practice the firing of Feu de Joie as a member of a guard prior to the actual ceremonial event.


9. Qualified instructors shall closely supervise cadets at all times to ensure safety of cadets and spectators.

Rifles Inspection

10. As soon as possible following completion of the ceremonial firing, the cadets shall be “ordered for inspection” and all inspection procedures performed.

11. Rifles shall be inspected by qualified instructors and cleared before returning them to secure lock up.

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