17-03 – Insurance Claim Procedures/Reporting – Reserve Force Members Providing Support Without Pay to Authorized Cadet Activities

Cadet Administrative and Training Orders (CATOs)


1. This order describes the policy and the procedures for reporting serious injury or death resulting from accidents or incidents that lead to an insurance claim by a Reserve Force member providing support without pay to the Canadian Cadet Organization (CCO).


2. For the purpose of this order, unless the context otherwise requires:

  1. “Reserve Force member" refers to members of the Primary Reserve, Supplementary Reserve, Cadet Instructors Cadre and Canadian Rangers.
  2. “Authorized cadet activities” refers to activities scheduled in the corps or squadron annual training plan submitted to the RCSU at the start of the training year and any additional activity that has been authorized in writing by the CO RCSU / detachment prior to the start of the activity. This also includes NDHQ and Regional HQ directed activities.
  3. As per QR&O 1.02 Definitions – “Casualty” means any injury to or illness of an officer or non-commissioned member whether or not it is fatal and includes the absence of a missing officer or non-commissioned member.


3. The aim of reporting all accidents or incidents that may lead to an insurance claim is to ensure that accidents or incidents are adequately documented for future use by the Canadian Forces (CF), the member, or the insurer.

4. Reserve Force members providing support without pay during authorized cadet activities are covered under a Commercial Special Risk Accident Insurance policy.  For details of the coverage provided, consult http://www.cadets.dnd.ca/_docs/9114212-SRG_PolicyEnglish.pdf

5. In addition to reporting casualties that occur during paid Reserve Service, as per DAOD 5018-0, corps or squadron Commanding Officers (CO) shall report all casualties resulting from an accident or incident that involves Reserve Force members providing support without pay during an authorized cadet activity in accordance with the procedures established in this order. The insurance claim form and physician’s statement at appendices 1 and 2 to Annex A shall be completed immediately after an accident or incident occurs.

6. The Deputy Minister has authorized DND to self-insure Reserve Force members providing support without pay to the CCO for liability coverage. To be eligible the member must have acted honestly, without malice, within the scope of their duties and have met reasonable departmental expectations. Coverage will be based on the Treasury Board’s Policy on the Indemnification of and Legal Assistance for Crown Servants.

Recording Support Without Pay

7. It is imperative that all support without pay is recorded and the activity in support of cadets be authorized by the CO RCSU / detachment in order to comply with any insurance claim requirement should an accident or incident occur. 

Responsibilities Following an Accident or Incident

8. Immediately following an accident or incident involving a Reserve Force member providing support without pay to the CCO, the corps or squadron CO shall:

  1. inform the RCSU / detachment of the accident or incident not later than the next working day;
  2. initiate a CF 98; and
  3. complete the claim form (Appendix 1) and forward it with attachments and other documents related to the event to the respective RCSU as soon as practical.

9. Upon receipt of the documents from the corps or squadron, the CO RCSU shall:

  1. evaluate the information received and initiate an SIR (CATO 12-26) if required;
  2. evaluate the case to determine if a Summary Investigation (SI) or a Board of Inquiry (BOI) is necessary;
  3. ensure a CF 98 and an Insurance Claim Form (Annex A) are completed and duly signed; and
  4. forward the documents to D Cdts & JCR.

Note: In the event witness statements or medical evaluations (Appendix 2) are not available, CO RCSU will forward the Insurance Claim Form (Appendix 1) and ensure follow-up on missing information.

Instructions for Completion Of Cf 98

10. Refer to DAOD 5018-2 for policy on the completion and submission of CF 98 forms. Detailed instructions for completion of the CF 98 can be found on the back of the form.

Liasion With Commercial Insurer

11. Once insurance documentation has been received by D Cdts & JCR it will be forwarded to the insurer. RSCUs are not to send documents directly to the insurer.


Annex A

Insurance Claim Administration Guidelines

Annex A - Appendix 1

Claimant's Statement

Annex A - Appendix 2

Attending Physician's Statement

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