18-05 – Disposal of Non-Serviceable Cadet Clothing

Cadet Administrative and Training Orders (CATOs)


1. This Cadet Administrative and Training Order (CATO) describes the procedures for disposing non-serviceable cadet specific clothing only. This order should be read in conjunction with Supply Administration Manual A-LM-007-100/AG-001, Section 5.

2. Non-serviceable material is defined as materiel for which there is no known requirement in the Department of National Defence (DND).  An item may become non-serviceable because it is obsolete or uneconomical to repair.

3. Cadet uniforms are considered non-serviceable when clothing items are torn, stained or simply worn-out.

4. Boots are non-serviceable when the heel is sufficiently worn as to present a safety concern and/or it bears a foot imprint on the insole.


5. Director Disposals, Sales, Artefacts, Loans (DDSAL) and Director Supply Chain Operations (DSCO) are responsible for updating and managing Supply Administration Manual A-LM-007-100/AG-001, Section 5.


6. Cadet units and Cadet Training Centres (CTC) are required to follow policies and procedures outlined in Supply Administration Manual A-LM-007-100/AG-001, Section 5, and other directives when processing non-serviceable clothing to Base/Wing Supply for disposal action.

Authority and Coordination

7. However, some flexibility is recognized in this area, specifically for cadet units that are located great distances from supporting supply facilities.  Where it is considered uneconomical or against common sense to package small amounts of non-serviceable clothing for shipment to a supporting supply section, other options should be considered.  Combining non-serviceable materiel with local reserve units, or local disposal are practical options to be considered.

8. CTCs should generally dispose of their non-serviceable through their supporting Base/Wing Supply Section.


9. When disposing of clothing through your support base the following process will apply.  When in doubt contact your Base/Wing Supply Officer for clarification:

  1. all items of personal clothing subject to disposal shall be disposed of in their whole state. Such items shall not be marked or mutilated in any manner that would detract from resale, except for the removal of rank badges, buttons and other military insignia.  Care shall be taken in the removal of insignia so as to minimize damage to the clothing; and
  2. infected or infested clothing or clothing impregnated in such a manner as to present a fire or other safety hazard may be destroyed by burning.

10. When disposing of clothing locally the following procedures shall be followed:

  1. all badges/insignia and buttons will be removed from clothing.  Obsolete and unserviceable cloth and metal badges/buttons shall be disposed of by burial or burning;
  2. clothing will be torn and made to be unwearable and unusable and disposed of on site taking into account environmental, safety concerns, and ensuring that it is approved by a proper authority, e.g., the unit commanding officer; and
  3. it is recommended that items being disposed of are then removed from the local inventory listings.

Financial Impact

11. There is no funding associated to this directive.

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OPI: D Cdts & JCR 2

Date: 13 February 2015

Amendment: Ch 2/15

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