18-06 – ​Cadet Watercraft Acquisition and Support

Cadet Administrative and Training Orders (CATOs)


1. This order establishes the policy concerning the procedures to be followed with respect to the acquisition and support of all watercraft used for cadet training. This Cadet Administrative and Training Order (CATO) should be read in conjunction with A-LM-007- 014-AG-001, Canadian Forces Supply Manual and Financial Administration Manual (FAM) Chapter 1019-2.                         


2. The term ‘watercraft’ is defined as “all motorized and non-motorized vessels and boats in use by the Canadian Cadet Organizations (CCO).”  For the purpose of this CATO, the definition extends to marine engines (inboard and outboard).

3. Watercraft being utilized by the CCO are categorized into two major groups:     

  1. centrally funded and managed by NDHQ/ADM (Mat) Directorate of Maritime Ship and Support (DMSS); and
  2. watercraft exclusive to the CCO that are procured by Director Cadets & Junior Canadian Rangers (D Cdts & JCR) and therefore, his responsibility.

Procurement Policy

4. Procurement/replacement of all watercraft is a national responsibility and will be actioned by D Cdts & JCR and DMSS.

5. Watercraft identified as centrally managed will be requisitioned via the Canadian Forces Supply System (CFSS). Items requiring maintenance will be forwarded to the nearest, appropriate local supporting repair facility.  Procedures for obtaining required services are detailed in Volume 3, Chapter 11 of the Canadian Forces Supply Manual.

6. If the item is declared beyond economical repair (BER) by the repair facility, a Provisional Condemnation Certification (PCC) will be completed on behalf of the customer.  Disposal and demand action can then be taken through the supporting Base Supply quoting the PCC number.

7. Watercraft identified as solely D Cdts & JCR responsibility will be processed and repaired through the Cadet Regional Technical Authority as appointed by the Regional Cadet Support Unit (RCSU) CO.

8. Watercraft requiring minor repair will normally be repaired through the auspices of the Regional Technical Authority; using the region’s O&M budget.

9. Watercraft identified as being beyond regional repair capabilities will be identified and processed in accordance with CATO 18-04.

10. Disposal of D Cdts & JCR owned watercrafts that are beyond economical repair will be in accordance with the Canadian Forces Supply Manual through the supporting Base Supply organization.  FAM Chapter 1019-2, Accounting for the Disposal of Surplus Assets and the Return of Proceeds from the Disposal of Surplus Assets may apply in this case.

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OPI: D Cdts 5

Date: May 10

Amendment: Ch 11/10

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