24-07 Annex A – Course Grading and Reporting

Cadet Administrative and Training Orders (CATOs)

Course Grading and Reporting


The candidate:

MITE Course Report Recourse Required Comments
Attendance Course Grade Cease Trg Reason Issued Course Grade

successfully completes all POs

(on an assessed course)

Complete Pass N/A Yes Pass No -

successfully completes all POs

(on an attend course)

Complete Attend N/A No N/A No -

does not successfully complete all POs

(on an attend course)

Incomplete Fail See List A Yes Fail Yes Based on candidate performance, the PRB may recommend exemption from some POs on a subsequent session.

ceases training

(for voluntary reasons within their control as determined by PRB)

Incomplete Fail See List B Yes Fail Yes

ceases training

(for reasons beyond their control as determined by PRB)

Incomplete N/A See List C Yes N/A Yes On a subsequent session, the candidate may only be required to complete training and assessment which was not initially completed (where possible/practical and as detailed by the PRB)
withdrawals with more than 48 hours notice Enrollment cancelled N/A N/A No N/A Yes -
withdrawals with less than 48 hours notice; or fails to report for training; or reports late for training and PRB determines that training cannot proceed No show Fail N/A Yes Fail Yes -

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Cease Training Reasons

The following possible choices available in MITE:

List A

(Did not successfully complete all POs)

List B

(Ceased training for voluntary reasons
within the candidate’s control, as determined by PRB)

List C

(Ceased training for reasons beyond the
candidate’s control,
as determined by PRB)

Dexterity Issue

Leadership Issue

Physical Issue

Practical Issue

Theory Issue

Absent Without Leave

Aural Comprehension

Reading Comprehension

Verbal Expression Issue

Written Expression Issue

Discipline Issue

Motivational Issue


Voluntary Comprehension

Voluntary Language

Voluntary Motivation

Voluntary Other

Voluntary Physical

Voluntary Practical

Voluntary Theory

Declined Course

Declined Other


Change in Medical Category

Temporary medical Category

Military Selection Issue

Military Request



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