34-04 Annex B - National Tall Ship Deployment

Cadet Administrative and Training Orders (CATOs)


1. Cadets selected for the National Tall Ship Deployment must be carefully screened at Regional level to ensure that:

  1. only the most deserving are selected;
  2. the Cadet is well adjusted and has demonstrated an ability to work with others under crowded and sometimes uncomfortable conditions for extended periods of time;
  3. the Cadet will be a good representative of the Royal Canadian Sea Cadet movement;
  4. the Cadet fully understands the type of vessel he/she will be sailing in; and
  5. the Cadet understands that he/she is expected to keep a daily log of events which is subject to review by a member of the vessel’s crew to ensure that the log is maintained.

2. Prerequisites for cadets being considered for the National Tall Ship Deployment include:

  1. be 16 years of age prior to the date for the commencement of the deployment and not have attained the age of 19 before the deployment is complete;
  2. be medically fit, have no dental or medical problems which could re- quire treatment during the period at sea and be in possession of a valid CF 51 at the time of boarding the vessel;
  3. have completed at least one six-week course at a summer Training Establishment:
  4. meet all requirements to participate in deployment in HMC Ships; and
  5. as the National Deployment is during the school year, permission from the appropriate school authorities to take part in the training is required. The Cadet must be prepared to complete assigned school work in addition to their other shipboard duties.

3. Cadets attending summer training are also eligible to participate. Those cadets who satisfy the guidelines and are considered deserving on the basis of superior performance shall be identified by Commanding Officers to RCO/SSOs so that candidates can be included for Regional selection.

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