Communicable Disease and COVID-19

Provisional Direction and Guidance for Cadet and Junior Canadian Rangers Activities for Spring and Summer 2023

22 March 2023

CJCR Medical Liaison Officer Group


  1. The Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers Group (CJCR Gp) is monitoring the epidemiology of the COVID-19 pandemic and has consulted with the Canadian Army Surgeon and the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Directorate of Force Health Protection, Communicable Disease Control Program. A common approach to Communicable disease and the communication of medical guidance is key to successfully plan for spring and summer 2023 activities.
  2. The following direction and guidance (D&G) are in effect for calendar year 2023, or until otherwise directed by Comd CJCR Gp. The recommendations made within this document are considered preliminary guidance by CJCR Gp, under the advice of CAF Health Services, and intended to assist operations and planning staff as well as medical support staff. This document and guidance herein may be subject to change or revision based on the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. While this direction and guidance provides more focus on COVID-19, the management of other communicable diseases is covered in general terms, noting that principles of their management are universal to a large extent.
  3. This D&G was authored by CJCR Gp medical liaison staff and approved at the Office of CAF Health Services Directorate of Medical Policy, Senior Staff Officer (SSO) Primary Care.
  4. The Senior Medical Authority (SMA) is the CAF Health Services Base Surgeon (BSurg) or Regional Surgeon (RSurg). From time to time, temporary or permanent changes to this D&G may occur because of SMA or Medical Liaison Staff recommendations.
  5. Significant amendments or modifications which are expected to be of interest to CJCR Gp personnel will be promulgated when indicated. In the event of a conflict between this D&G and higher-level directives/orders, the higher-level directives/orders will take precedence.

Section 1

Prerequisite Planning Considerations and Immunizations

General Considerations

Immunizations and COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement

Activity Planning: General Considerations

Lodging and Activity Planning: Disease Transmissibility / Prevention Measures

Early Communication to Cadets/JCRS and their Parents/Guardians: Participation and Communicable Disease Policy

Section 2

Routine Procedures

Pre-Arrival Considerations and Suggested Screening Methodology

Masking: Advice for Cadet and JCR Settings

COVID-19, Cold and Flu Symptoms - Symptomatic Cases and General Isolation Procedures

Isolation of Staff Members

Monitoring and Wellness Checks for Isolating Persons

Section 3

Standards of Isolation Quarters and Mental Wellness of Isolating Persons

Provision and Standards of Isolation Quarters

Isolation and Mental Health of Cadet/JCR

Affording Outdoor, Social and Leisure Time to Isolating Persons

Section 4

Special Procedures

Exceeding Isolation Capacity Thresholds: Surge/Contingency Isolation Quarters

Disease Incidence and Thresholds for Notifying Medical Authorities and Higher Headquarters

Transportation of Cadets or JCRS in Isolation

Isolation Beyond Cadet or JCR Activities

Non COVID-19/Reportable Disease Outbreak - Communications and Reporting

Section 5

Questions from Supervisors and Disease Tracking

Medical Authorities and Questions from Supervisors

Statistical Capture of Communicable Diseases


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