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With Glowing Hearts Program form

If your company has a military-leave policy, please consider joining the “With Glowing Hearts” program by filling out the form below. The program promotes the value of Reserve service within the civilian workplace, and helps to identify Reserve-friendly employers across the country.

With Glowing Hearts - Reservist Support Initiative

The Canadian Armed Forces provide reservists with world-class training to develop key competencies and skills which form the foundations of a reservist and also an invaluable employee. Reservists are skilled and talented people who are part-time soldiers, sailors and aviators. Employers benefit from their training and abilities such as leadership, teamwork, discipline, initiative, determination, problem solving, and the ability to work under pressure. With Glowing Hearts, we stand together supporting our community and country.

About the initiative

The Canadian Armed Forces has trained thousands of reservists who bring exceptional qualifications to their civilian employment. The With Glowing Hearts – Reservist Support Initiative highlights employers’ support of reservists as a reserve-friendly organization by welcoming their skills and talent to the workplace, and by demonstrating flexibility so that they may balance work and military commitments. The With Glowing Hearts Initiative provides guidance and tools to help employers understand who reservists are and what they do. The initiative was developed by the civilian volunteers of the Canadian Forces Liaison Council (CFLC) to support reservists and employers. 

Employer Information and Support

  • Customized employer icon with company name
  • Employer Certificate signed by the Chief of Reserves & Employer Support
  • With Glowing Hearts stickers
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