Naval combat and control systems

The Combat and Control System (CCS) Section provides engineering and operation test and evaluation expertise to the Department of National Defence (DND) in the area of combat cystems engineering. CCS staff have considerable in depth knowledge and experience in weapons and sensors of the Above Water Battlespace (AWB), the Underwater Battlespace (UWB), and Command, Control Communications and Information (C4I) warfare areas.

The section provides this expertise from an engineering and operational perspective supporting technical, operational and tactical firings, modeling and simulation, operational test and evaluation and event reconstruction. Trial and shipboard engineering support is also provided to all class of ships of the Canadian Navy and to the Victoria Class Submarines as well as the Fleet Maintenance Facilities (FMF's) of both coasts.

The CCS section is also home to the Mk48 / Mk56 In-Service Engineering Agent (ISEA). The ISEA  provides in-service engineering support to  countries that use  the Mk48 and Mk56 missile launching systems. While part of the Naval Engineering Test Establishment, ISEA is tasked directly by the NATO Seasparrow Project Office, Washington, DC. to provide direct support to eight of the 12  NATO Seasparrow Consortium countries. In addition, they also provide their expertise to other international users, namely Japan, United Arab Emirates, Chile and South Korea.


Services and capabilities of the Combat and Control System section include:

  • Engineering support, testing and evaluation of new and in-service combat systems
  • Test and trials support of combat systems and electronic equipment
  • Support in the review of documentation and acceptance testing of naval equipment
  • Naval material assurance of weapons and sensors
  • Evaluation of data recording requirements for weapon firings and review of firing data for in-depth analysis
  • Engineering support for naval combat system simulators
  • Evaluation and testing of software and hardware installations on site at naval test ranges
  • Ship survivability and vulnerability testing and data acquisition
  • Ship infrared signature measurement and analysis
  • Evaluation support for event reconstruction, modeling and simulation Operational Analysis, and Operational Test and evaluation of Naval Combat Systems;
  • Evaluation and option analysis for new ships systems as well as for the upgrade of existing systems for DND
  • Systems requirements investigation and validation

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