435 Transport and Rescue Squadron

The official lineage of the 435 Transport and Rescue Squadron.


Squadron standard

Squadron standard



Argent a chinthe on a plinth Or.


The chinthe is a legendary monster which guards the temples in Burma where this squadron operated in the Second World War. The motto refers to the unit's activities as a transport squadron.


CERTI PROVEHENDI (Determined on delivery)

Battle honours

The Second World War

BURMA, 1944-1945.


Authorized 23 January 1943 and incorporates the following units.

164 Squadron

  • Authorized as '164 (Transport) Squadron' 23 January 1943.Footnote 1
  • Divided into two units 1 August 1946, with the Edmonton detachment redesignated '435 (Transport) Squadron'.Footnote 2 See also 426 Squadron.

435 Squadron

  • Authorized as '435 (Transport) Squadron' 20 August 1944.Footnote 3
  • Disbanded 31 March 1946.Footnote 4
  • Reformed from the Edmonton detachment of '164 Transport Squadron' 1 August 1946, as above.
  • Redesignated '435 Transport and Rescue Squadron' 1 May 1995.Footnote 5

Operational history

The Second World War

  • 164 Squadron flew on transport operations on the Atlantic Coast under 'Eastern Air Command'.Footnote 7
  • 435 Squadron flew transport operations in Burma under 'East Asia Command'.Footnote 8

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