Operation PRESENCE Mali - Cpl Emma Galloway

Transcript - Corporal Emma Galloway

Hi I'm Corporal Emma Galloway, flight medic deployed here on presence in Gal Malli from 33 C.F health services Kingston. This is my friend Tom, we're going to show you some of the lifesaving interventions medics do to prep their patient for air medevac. One of the first things we look for: massive bleeding. This is a tourniquet, great to stop massive bleeding on any extremity. This is going to hurt.

Tighten it up until the bleeding stops. Does it hurt yet? Lock it in. One of the next steps is chest-seals.

If we have a penetrating injury like a gunshot wound to the chest, we use this to cover it up so the air doesn't get in. Open the packet. Pull out the seal. Make sure you cover the whole injury. So the last thing we have is combat gauze; has an agent in it to help with the blood clotting. So if you've got a wound up in the armpit here. We'll stuff it in until we can't get any more and hold pressure. Now are patients ready for transport.

These interventions are done platoon medics either on the ground or flight medics when we arrive. Patients are then transported to the helicopter where we're with our doctor or nurses. We have more critical interventions like innovations, chest tubes, and blood transfusions. The faster these patients get these interventions, the better their chance of survival.

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