Infographic: Cormorant Mid-Life Upgrade Project

Infographic: Cormorant Mid-Life Upgrade Project. Text version below.

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Cormorant Mid-Life Upgrade Project

Addition of at least two helicopters to the fleet
Acquisition of training devices and associated infrastructure
Upgraded flight management, communications, navigation and safety capabilities to comply with new aviation regulations
Upgraded to AW101-612 design
Upgraded engines and increased operational altitude to 15,000 feet
Improved search and sensor capability
Improved in-cabin wireless communications


CH-149 Cormorant

Canada’s Searcha and REscue Helicopter

14 in the RCAF
Range: Up to 1,080 km
Carries: Up to 19 passengers, 12 stretchers, or 5,00 kg of cargo
Average of 260 SAR sorties per year
Canadian SAR land area: 18 million km², 243,800 km of coast line

Can complete rescues:

  • At high altitudes in the Canadian Rockies
  • During extreme weather conditions
  • Far into the inhospitable oceans
  • In the Arctic

Based in:
9 Wing Gander, NL
14 Wing Greenwood, NS
19 Wing Comox, BC

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