Integrated soldier system project

Project summary

The Government of Canada will acquire over 4,000 wearable communications suites, complete with required accessories and support equipment. This equipment will allow soldiers to stay better connected with their teams during operations.

This project will significantly enhance a soldier’s situational awareness, generate precise navigational information and provide greater command and control for army units, thus improving their performance and protection while maintaining their safety/security in hostile environments.

Project phases

The ISSP is in Phase 4 – Implementation

1. Identification

1. Identification

  • January 2005 - October 2006
2. Options analysis

2. Options analysis

  • October 2006 – April 2008
3. Definition

3. Definition

  • April 2008 – June 2015
4. Implementation

4. Implementation

  • Contract award: June 2015
  • First delivery: spring 2018
  • Initial operational capability: June 2018
  • Full operational capability: March 2023
5. Close-out

5. Close-out

  • June 2023

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Additional information

Project updates

Project updates

August 2021

A contract was award to L3 Harris to deliver 1,250 radios and accessories and includes purchasing options for additional radios.

June 2021

A contract was awarded to Glenair Inc. to deliver 450 Assaulter Hubs (Star Pan II) and associated cables and includes purchasing options for additional Assaulter hubs/cables. As well, a contract was awarded to Glenair Inc. to deliver 150 Commander Hubs (Star Pan IV) and associated cables and includes purchasing options for additional equipment. The commander variant will have a larger hub and capability of plugging in more sensors, while having the added ability to communicate with the vehicles. In contrast, the Assaulter variant will have a minimalistic hub which will be much smaller than the commander variant, and will also sport a different radio that is considerably smaller and lighter.

March 2021

A contract was awarded to Twenty20 Insight Inc. to deliver 255 Laser Range Finders.

March 2020

Delivery of the first generation system completed.

June 2018

The government exercised the option to procure an additional 1,256 systems.

March 2018

First deliveries of the system occurred.

As of July 2017

The qualification review of the new system to ensure it met the army’s requirements was successfully completed.

The government initiated the ISSP support contract to provide related support and product improvements.

The government exercised the option for the production of the first 1,632 systems.

July 2015

The Government of Canada announced the awarding to Rheinmetall Canada of an acquisition and support contract to deliver the Integrated Soldier Systems Project. The initial acquisition contract included a qualification review portion to ensure that the system will meet the Army’s requirements

Benefiting Canadian industry

Benefiting Canadian industry

Commitment to Canadian industry:

Technical information

Technical information

The Integrated Soldier System Suite includes weapon accessories and electronics. It also features a radio, a smartphone-like computer to run battle management software, a GPS, and a communications headset.

Project costs

Project costs

The total estimated cost of this project, including the acquisition of over 4,000 systems, and an initial five-year support contract, is valued at over $300 million.

Acquisition Contract with Rheinmetall Canada:

Rheinmetall Canada has been awarded an acquisition contract valued at $93.5 million to procure up to 4144 integrated soldier system suites.

Support Contract with Rheinmetall Canada:

Rheinmetall Canada has also been awarded a support contract for $91 million expiring in March 2022. The contract comes with up to three additional two year options years. The potential value if all options are exercised plus the initial contract award could be up to $156 million.

Purchase of new radios with L3 Harris:

The value of the contract is $8.6 million (CAD), and includes 1,250 radios and accessories to further enhance the capabilities and provide an extended range of communication of the ISSP.

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