Infographic: CC-330 Husky

Infographic: CC-330 Husky. Text version below.

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Visual description: Information poster that includes 2 images of the future CC-330 Husky aircraft in flight. One against a blue background and the other with the air-to-air refuelling boom and baskets out.

CC-330 Husky

Range 13,900 km (10 ton payload)
Service ceiling 13,000 m
Passengers 250+
Fleet size 9

2 Flight crew
1 Air Refuelling operator
8 Cabin crew

First deliveries
Commercial configuration 2023
Multi-roles configuration 2027

Strategic transport
Maximum payload of up to 45 tons, combining passengers, and 37 metric tons of cargo.

Aeromedical evaluation
Minimum of 6 ambulatory patients, 2 critical care patients, 8 non-critical care patients, 24 Aeromedical Evacuation crew members and 144 passengers.

Air-to-air refuelling
111,000 kg of fuel; Capable of refuelling a minimum of 6 RCAF fighter aircraft over the Atlantic in a single leg.

Strategic Government of Canada transport
One aircraft configured for VIP transport.

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