Seyi Okuribido-Malcolm - Biography

Director of the Anti-Racism Secretariat - Seyi Okuribido-Malcolm

Director of the Anti-Racism Secretariat

Seyi (Shay) Okuribido-Malcolm is Director of the Anti-Racism Secretariat at the Department of National Defence. She has been with the Defence Team for three years, serving as Deputy Director within the Gender Equality, and Intersectional Analysis team before joining the Anti-Racism Secretariat.

Seyi has been with the federal public service for 21 years and started her career as a coop student at the Public Service Commission working in the Employment Equity Positive Measures Program. Over the years Seyi has taken on increasingly progressive national policy roles and gained expertise in engagement with various communities across a number of departments including the Canadian Coast Guard. 

Seyi holds a double major in Political Science and Sociology/Anthropology and a Masters of Public Administration from Carleton University. Throughout her university career, she became increasingly more active in acknowledging and addressing systemic racism and all of the impacts it has within the Black community. 

Seyi has been a steady presence in the Ottawa community serving as a board member on the National Capital Alliance on Race Relations and a co-founder of Parents for Diversity, a collective of parents committed to achieving inclusive learning environments that allow children to fulfill their true potential in this world. Seyi is committed to optimizing the power of inclusion by advancing a state of equity where she can.

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