Direct deposit for businesses

From: Employment and Social Development Canada

The primary payment method for all federal payments issued by the Receiver General is by direct deposit.

In order to receive direct deposits, you must enroll by providing your banking information.

Direct deposit is:

  • convenient – Payments will arrive in your bank account without mailing delays
  • reliable – Payments are always deposited safely
  • secure - No risk of your payment being delayed, misplaced, lost, stolen, or damaged
  • environmentally friendly – Saves trees (paper), chemicals (ink), and lowers CO2 emissions (transportation)

Before you enroll

You will need to gather the following information, if applicable:

  • your business name and address
  • your Business Number (BN)
  • a void cheque or your bank account information
  • your email address


To sign up for direct deposit you will need to complete the Direct Deposit Enrollment Form for Businesses (PDF version, 721 KB) and mail it to:

Employment and Social Development Canada
Accounts payable

West Tower 3rd floor
200 Rene-Levesque West Blvd
Montreal QC  H2Z 1X4

You will continue to be paid by cheque until your completed form has been processed.

Modify your information

You must inform us of all modifications to be made to your account (financial Institution, branch transit number, account number) by filling out and mailing a new Direct Deposit Enrollment Form for Businesses (PDF version, 721 KB).

If you are changing bank accounts, do not close the old bank account before we deposit a payment into your new bank account.

Important information about your account

Direct deposit payments do not carry stub information, but a payment notification will be sent to the email address indicated on the request form. This notification will contain:

  • the amount of the payment
  • the invoice number (if applicable), and
  • a description of the payment

Contact us

Accounts payable unit

Telephone: 1-855-684-7827


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