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Updates from the Minister of Seniors

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Privacy notice

Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) invites organizations and individuals to provide their contact information to receive communication products from the department.

This will help deliver better, more effective service to individuals seeking updates on Government of Canada activities, including, but not limited to:

  • newsletters
  • emails
  • invitations (for example: roundtables, discussions, committees), and
  • registration (for example: for events, panels, and conferences)

Uses and disclosures of your personal information

Subscribing to receive the Minister of Seniors’ newsletter is voluntary. Acceptance or refusal to subscribe won’t affect your relationships with ESDC or the Government of Canada. ESDC will use your personal information for communications purposes only.

Information provided for ESDC activities should not include any additional information about you or anyone else—other than your name, organization and contact information. ESDC will also capture email analytics from outgoing ESDC messages. The email analytics include but are not limited to opened emails, bounces, clicks, unsubscribes.

ESDC’s authority to collect information

Your personal information is collected and managed under the authority of the Department of Employment and Social Development Act (DESDA). It’s administered following the Privacy Act and other applicable laws.

Use of Mailchimp

ESDC uses the services of a third-party service provider to manage our subscription services: Mailchimp. This tool isn’t the property of ESDC and isn’t subject to the Privacy Act or the Access to Information Act.

Mailchimp is an online email marketing tool of a company based in the United States of America(US). It entails that the personal information collected may be transmitted outside of Canada. It may be subject to US laws including the USA Patriot Act

Mailchimp may disclose information on subscribers to third parties to deliver its services. It may also provide access, on request, to subscribers’ personal information For more information about Mailchimp, refer to their Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Your rights

You have the right to the protection, access and correction of your personal information. It is described in the standard personal information bank: Public Communications (PSU 914).

ESDC’s Information about Programs and Information Holdings outlines the instructions for obtaining this information. This document may also be accessed online at any Service Canada Centre.

If you aren’t satisfied with how we handle your information, you can file a complaint with the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.

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