Backgrounder: List of Successful Projects


The following projects will receive up to $26.5 million in funding under the Foreign Credential Recognition Program over the next three years:

Ach─ôv - Employment, Newcomer, Language and Youth Services
Project Name: Innovations in Fintech
Location: Mississauga, ON
Funding Amount: $2,999,588

Association for the Alberta Network of Immigrant Women
Project Name: Internationally Trained Dentists Support program
Location: Calgary, AB
Funding Amount: $1,706,084

BioTalent Canada
Project Name: Skilled Newcomer Internships for the Bio-economy
Location: Ottawa, ON
Funding Amount: $2,011,671

COSTI Immigrant Services
Project Name: ITI Solutions: Bridging the Gap to Employment
Location: Toronto, ON
Funding Amount: $2,539,694

Electricity Human Resources Canada
Project Name: Welcoming highly Skilled Newcomers into the Electricity sector
Location: Ottawa, ON
Funding Amount: $2,588,259

Environmental Careers Organization of Canada
Project Name: Environmental Foreign Talent Development Program
Location: Calgary, AB
Funding Amount: $3,087,719

Information and Communications Technology Council
Project Name: iAdvance- Pathways to Employment for Newcomers
Location: Ottawa, ON
Funding Amount: $4,562,086

Medical Council of Canada
Project Name: Improving access to a national standardized exam for physicians
Location: Ottawa, ON
Funding Amount: $3,410,682

Multi-lingual Orientation Service Association for Immigrant Communities (MOSAIC)
Project Name: MOSAIC Canadian Work Experience Internship Pilot
Location: Vancouver, BC
Funding Amount: $1,327,839

Royal Architecture Institute of Canada
Project Name: Broadly Experienced Foreign Architect Mentorship Program and Training
Location: Manotick, ON
Funding Amount: $369,497

Saskatchewan Intercultural Association
Project Name: Professional Advancement and Career Training (PACT) for Newcomer Women
Location: Saskatoon, SK
Funding Amount: $1,946,050

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