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The New Horizons for Seniors Program (NHSP) is a federal grants and contributions program that funds projects that empower seniors in their communities and contribute to improving seniors’ health and well-being.

Seniors lead and inspire projects to make a difference in the lives of others and in their communities.

The objectives of the NHSP are to:

  • promote volunteerism among seniors and other generations;
  • engage seniors in the community in mentoring;
  • expand awareness of elder abuse, including financial abuse;
  • support the social participation and inclusion of seniors; and 
  • provide capital assistance for new and existing community projects and programs for seniors. 

The NHSP provides seniors access to important recreational and social programs and initiatives that reflect the current realities of seniors and senior-serving organizations. The program continues to empower and support seniors through curated program parameters, delivery and access to ensure their needs.

Since 2004, the NHSP has funded more than 36,500 projects in hundreds of communities across Canada. The total Government of Canada investment has been more than $780 million. Program funding supports community-based projects and pan-Canadian projects.

Community-based projects

Community-based project funding supports activities in which seniors are engaged, connected and actively involved in their communities. Organizations are eligible to receive up to $25,000 in grant funding.

As part of the 2022–23 NHSP community-based call for proposals, organizations were able to apply for funding that supports the NHSP national priorities for this cycle:

Priority 1: Supporting healthy aging, including:

  • addressing social isolation, including through supporting seniors’ digital literacy;
  • addressing ageism;
  • supporting mental health and dementia; and
  • developing and delivering virtual programming for the above.

Priority 2: Preventing senior abuse, including:

  • helping seniors navigate access to government benefits and providing support to file their taxes;
  • supporting financial empowerment of seniors; and
  • providing measures to reduce crimes and harm against seniors.

Priority 3: Celebrating diversity and promoting inclusion, including:

  • promoting intergenerational mentoring and engagement; and
  • serving members of the following vulnerable groups: Indigenous peoples, persons with disabilities, members of racialized and newcomer groups, members of LGBTQ2+ communities, low-income seniors and veterans.

Priority 4: Helping seniors to age in place, including:

  • providing practical supports to seniors to help them remain in their homes longer.

This year, a total of 3,074 community-based projects have been approved for immediate investment, representing $61.07M.

For more information, visit About the New Horizons for Seniors Program – Community-based projects.

Here’s a breakdown by province/territory: 

Province / Territory Number of Projects Investment
Alberta 256 $5,441,441
British Columbia  402 $8,570,734
Manitoba 112 $2,156,011
New Brunswick 87 $1,676,216
Newfoundland and Labrador 76 $1,451,290
Northwest Territories 18 $423,131
Nova Scotia 109 $2,074,409
Nunavut 12 $297,340
Ontario 1,070 $21,852,572
Prince Edward Island 25 $496,571
Quebec 798 $14,383,623
Saskatchewan 95 $1,905,269
Yukon 14 $342,046
Total 3,074 $61,070,653

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