A Performance Indicator Framework for Accessibility Data


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This performance indicator framework is the foundation to measuring progress in the identification and removal of barriers to accessibility associated with the priority areas set out in the Accessible Canada Act (ACA).

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Phase 1: August 2023


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The Accessible Canada Act (ACA) came into effect in 2019, with the overarching goal of realizing a barrier-free Canada by 2040.

The Accessible Canada Directorate (ACD), within Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC), is the focal point for the implementation of the ACA. ACD is responsible for measuring progress in the removal of barriers to accessibility over time. To support this work, ESDC published the Federal Data and Measurement Strategy for Accessibility (the Strategy) in June 2022.

The first pillar of the Strategy calls for the development of performance indicators that correspond with each of the 7 priority areas set out in the ACA. Performance indicators will also be developed to measure the removal of attitudinal barriers, across the 7 priority areas, that further impede the full participation of persons with disabilities in society.


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Together these indicators will form a performance indicator framework (PIF) for accessibility data.

The PIF is being developed in phases. Phase 1 of the PIF sets out the performance indicators for employment, information communication technologies (ICT), and transportation. These indicators have been developed in collaboration with federal partners, the disability community, and academic and data experts in accessibility. The guiding principles set out in the ACA and the Strategy were also considered.

Data sources must be identified to ensure that measurement against each of the performance indicators is possible. In some cases, data sources already exist. In other cases, data sources are being explored or still need to be developed.

The PIF is intended to be an evergreen document. Regular updates will be made to the PIF to incorporate additional indicators and data sources as they are identified.

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