List of designated educational institutions

The Master List of designated educational institutions is updated regularly and contains all the educational institutions where students are eligible to receive Canada Student Loans.

Each institution has its assigned four-digit Educational Institution Code and their name and address. This list is sorted alphabetically by the Educational Institution within each province or territory (international institutions are listed separately).

Some educational institutions that were formerly recognized for the purposes of the Canada Student Financial Assistance Program may no longer be found on the Master List of designated educational institutions if borrowers have not recently attended these institutions. To confirm whether an educational institution is recognized, please contact your provincial or territorial student financial aid authority.

Master list of designated educational institutions

The following directory is from an organization that is not subject to the Official Languages Act and is available to the public in the language of origin.

Educational institution codes

Each code is a 4-character alpha code. The first character will indicate one geographic location as follows:

  • A- British Columbia
  • B- Alberta
  • C- Saskatchewan
  • D- Manitoba
  • E- Ontario
  • F- Quebec
  • G- New Brunswick
  • H- Nova Scotia
  • I- Prince Edward Island
  • J- Newfoundland and Labrador
  • K- Northwest Territories
  • L- Yukon
  • M- U.S.A.
  • N- Central America
  • O- South America
  • P- United Kingdom
  • Q- Rest of Europe
  • R- Middle East
  • S- Africa
  • T- India/Southeast Asia
  • U- Far East
  • V- Australia/New Zealand
  • W- Nunavut
  • Z- The Rest of the World

The second character indicates the type of educational institution:

  • U,X- University (X added to accommodate American universities) including all technical degree granting institutions
  • J,H- Junior college (community colleges, CEGEP) Includes those institutions offering the first 2 years of a degree program
  • N,M- Nursing schools
  • T,R- Teacher training
  • V- Technical and Vocational (including Colleges of Applied Arts and Technologies and all schools whose highest diploma/certificate is vocational or technical. Not including technical degree-granting institutions
  • P,Q,S- Private institution (includes commercial institutions, not-for-profit secular, and not-for-profit religious institutions)

The last 2 characters will uniquely identify the institution (676 possibilities) within its type and geographic location.

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