Digest of Benefit Entitlement Principles   Chapter 15 - Section 1

15.1.0 Authority

The Employment Insurance Act contains a provisionFootnote 1 to allow the Commission to make regulations regarding self-employed persons engaged in fishing, hence the Employment Insurance Fishing Regulations (EIFR).

15.1.1 Definition of a fisher

Under the Fishing Regulations, a "fisher" is a self-employed person engaged in fishing and includes a person engaged, other than under a contract of service or for their own or another person's sport:

  • in making a catch
  • in any work incidental to making or handling catch, whether the work consists of loading, unloading, transporting or curing the catch made by the crew of which the person is a member, or of preparing, repairing, dismantling or laying up the fishing vessel or fishing gear used by that crew in making or handling the catch, where the person engaged in any such incidental work is also engaged in making the catch, or
  • in the construction of a fishing vessel for his or her own use or for the use of a crew of which the person is a member in making a catchFootnote 2

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