Digest of Benefit Entitlement Principles Chapter 25 - Section 4

25.4.0 Renewing a previous claim to receive Work-Sharing benefits

Claimants who established a benefit period within the 52 weeks prior to the start of a Work-Sharing agreement may renew (reactivate) that claim in order to receive Work-Sharing benefits, as long as that benefit period has not expired. Provided at least 1 type of benefits can potentially be paid on the previous benefit period, the claim may be renewed.

25.4.1 Renewing a Work-Sharing claim for other types of benefits

As is the case for a claimant renewing a previously established benefit period to receive Work-Sharing benefits, a claimant may also renew a benefit period established for Work-Sharing, to receive other types of benefits. As long as the benefit period has not terminated, claimants may renew the Work-Sharing claim to collect either regular or special benefits, provided all entitlement conditions are met for the type of benefits requested.

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