Part IV - Plan registration

Registration of a SUB Plan

The employer must submit a copy of the SUB plan with the enclosed SUB Plan Registration form registration form and any additional documents that may be required to:

Service Canada
Supplemental Unemployment Benefit (SUB) Program
120 Harbourview blvd
P.O. Box 11000
Bathurst NB  E2A 4T5

Telephone: 1-800-367-5693
TTY: 1-855-881-9874
Fax: (506) 548-7473

Additional documents

The employer must submit the following documentation (if applicable), with the SUB plan:

  • a copy of the current collective agreement(s), if the plan covers employees who are members of a certified bargaining unit, in other words, unionized employees
  • a copy of the relevant section of the insurance policy used to administer the SUB plan(s) (If the policy does not contain a complete plan description, a document signed by the employer containing the missing information must be included.)
  • a copy of the Trust Agreement
  • any company policies and/or personnel guidelines containing information about the plan, as well as any declarations or documents that the employees have to sign to receive the SUB payment

Approval and renewal

The registration date of the SUB plan is the date on which it is submitted to Service Canada – SUB Program, if all the required conditions are met and all supporting documents are received. The plan will be registered under the employer's business number for payroll deductions (RP) and a notification of the approval will be sent to the employer.

Until a plan is registered, any amounts paid will be treated as earnings and may be deducted from the employee's EI benefits.

Employers who are already participating in the program will receive a request to renew from Service Canada - SUB Program before the end date of their plan.

Service Canada's decision to register a SUB plan cannot be appealed. However, a review of the decision may be requested by the employer.

SUB Plan Registration Form

You must use the Supplemental Unemployment Benefit (SUB) Plan Registration form to register your plan. It may be printed, then completed and mailed to us. If you have a PDF reader installed on your computer, you may download and complete the form on screen, then print the completed application and mail it to us. Instructions for completing the application are accessible by positioning the mouse over each question on the form.

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