Infographic: Poverty Reduction Strategy – Engaging with Canadians

This infographic provides a visual narrative of the engagement activities for the Poverty Reduction Strategy. The full description follows the image on this page.



Map showing points of interaction across Canada. The majority of points are near the southern border. The largest concentrations are in Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia.

Over 600 Canadians consulted through 33 conversations in 9 different provinces and territories

Over 5,500 Canadians reached through the Tackling Poverty Together Project

13 Government of Canada officials-led sessions in collaboration with provinces, territories, Indigenous groups or organizations

29 meetings with multiple levels of government, including Canadian municipalities

12 roundtables with stakeholders

4 public town hall events

4 roundtables with Indigenous Leadership


Poverty Reduction Strategy

1,127 email submissions

584 completed surveys

199 stories and comments

Youth Contest #ReducePoverty in Canada – Youth submissions from 64 persons

Employment and Social Development Canada / Emploi et Développement social Canada

Canada Wordmark


Poverty Reduction Strategy – Engaging with Canadians [PDF - 166KB]

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