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Privacy Notice Statement – Request an Outreach activity secure form

The collection and use of your personal information is authorized under the Department of Employment and Social Development Act and other applicable laws. The information you provide will be used by Service Canada to contact you by phone call and/or by email. The use of this online form is voluntary. Refusal to provide information will result in Service Canada being unable to contact you.

The information you provide may be used and/or disclosed for policy analysis, research and/or evaluation purposes. However, these additional uses and/or disclosures of your personal information will never result in an administrative decision being made about you / your organization.

The information you provide is administered in accordance with the Department of Employment and Social Development Act, Privacy Act and other applicable laws. You have the right to the protection of, access to, and correction of your personal information, which is described in Personal Information Bank PSU 938 “Outreach Activities”. Instructions for obtaining this information are outlined in the government publication: Info Source.

Info Source may also be accessed on-line at any Service Canada Centre. If you are not satisfied with our response to your privacy, you have the right to file a complaint with the Privacy Commissioner of Canada regarding Service Canada’s handling of their personal information at: Report a concern.

This form is for community partners and organizations to request one of the various Service Canada outreach activities offered by the Community Outreach Liaison Service (COLS).

If you are looking for help with a personal situation, please contact a Service Canada representative who will be able to help you or send an eServiceCanada - Service Request Form.

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