Service Canada Community Outreach and Liaison Service

Who we are

Service Canada's commitment is to help people to access Government of Canada programs and services.

Community Outreach and Liaison Service (COLS) expands the reach of Service Canada. Staff are available to visit communities across Canada to offer services to those who have no easy access to in person offices.

COLS focuses on building relationships with community partners and organizations. This helps us connect with people who may not otherwise have access to services. We also work with other federal, provincial/territorial, municipal and Indigenous partners to offer many services in one location.

We aim to make it easier to access our programs and services for clients who:

  • may not be able to travel to an office
  • may have difficulty accessing services online or by telephone

How we can help

Everyone should have easy access to the programs, services and benefits they are entitled to. COLS staff across Canada work with community organizations to give individuals the information, tools and support they need.

Through our many outreach activities, we can offer information on:

  • Service Canada programs overview and how to access services
  • Employment Insurance benefits
  • Social Insurance Number
  • Canadian Dental Care Plan
  • Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security
  • Indigenous programs and services
  • Services for Seniors
  • Services for Persons with disabilities
  • Services for Newcomers and Temporary Foreign Workers
  • Information for employers
  • Apprenticeship Grants, Youth programs
  • Job Bank
  • How to navigate website
  • Other federal department programs and services

Community organizations can request various outreach activities to be organized, such as:

  • clinics to help clients with their application for Service Canada programs and/or benefits (Social Insurance Number, Employment Insurance, Canada Pension plan, Old Age Security and other Government of Canada programs and services, etc.)
  • information sessions on Service Canada programs, services and benefits to citizens, organizations and community partners
  • Service Canada representative presence at a community event, fair, kiosk, etc.

We also offer responsive outreach and provide support to:

Working with communities and organizations to help clients

Our goal is to work with communities and organizations to:

  • reach clients where they are, and
  • raise awareness of the Government of Canada programs, services and benefits

We also support employers who may face economic downturns and other financial challenges that may impact their business. If you want to know more about services available, consult the support for employers page.


COLS' focus is to build and maintain great relationships with community partners to better serve the people who need it most. Through engagement, we can:

  • determine your clients' needs
  • visit your community/organization to present a tailored information session to your clients or employees on Service Canada programs, service and benefits;
  • offer a clinic to help your clients apply for and access benefits;
  • host a kiosk or deliver a presentation at an event you are organizing, etc.

Service Referral Initiative

The Service Referral Initiative (SRI) entails working with community organizations to help identify at-risk and vulnerable individuals who may be eligible for federal services and benefits and referring them directly to a Service Canada representative. These clients are those who experience barriers to service and cannot access benefits through other service channels. Submit a request for more information if your organization would like to know more about this initiative.

Responsive outreach

Our responsive outreach aims to support employers and workers facing mass layoff, work force reduction or work-sharing situations.

We also recognize the importance of supporting of communities affected by emergency situations. We offer on-site or virtual services to help support community members as needed. We are present when and where people need it most to offer an easy access to Service Canada's programs, services and benefits. Contact us for more information on available support.

Request more information or a Service Canada Outreach activity on behalf of your organization

To ask for a Service Canada Outreach activity or obtain more information about the Service Referral Initiative, select your province or territory below. Fill out the request form and submit it to Service Canada. A Service Canada representative will contact you within 5 business days to discuss your request.


If you need help from a Service Canada representative with an application or personal situation, contact us.

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Contact us

Call: 1 800 O-Canada (1-00-622-6232)

TTY: 1-800-926-9105

From outside Canada: 1 800 O-Canada

Use Find a Service Canada Office to:

  • find a Service Canada office near you
  • find a passport office near you
  • learn when scheduled outreach services occur close to your home

You can access Service Canada services by completing an online service request form and get personalized support on programs such as:

  • Employment Insurance,
  • Canada Pension Plan,
  • Old Age Security, and more.

By using the eServiceCanada service request form, a trained Service Canada representative will call you within 2 business days.

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