Grant Client Journey

From: Employment and Social Development Canada

After you apply for a grant, your journey has just begun. Here are the five steps you will make when you decide to apply for a grant program from Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC).

5 steps on the grants client journey

1. Application

Follow the Applicant Instructions on how to complete the application. It has details on each question and what you need to submit. Make sure you follow the instructions on how to complete and submit your application.

2. Assessment and Recommendation

Once you have submitted your application package, we will assess the application. We will let you know if your project has been recommended for funding. Do not start your project until you hear from us.

3. Agreement

If you have been approved for funding, we will develop an Agreement. You will need to submit a Signing Officer’s Form, Direct Deposit Form, and sign the Agreement. Once the Agreement has been signed, payment will be released to you.

4. Progress

We will contact you by email or telephone during the project to check on the progress. You need to let us know how the project is going and if there are any issues. You should advise your ESDC contact whenever there is an issue.

5. Project end

When your project has been completed, you will need to submit a Final Report to us. Pictures are encouraged.

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