Hazardous Substances

Employers have a general duty to ensure the health and safety of all of their employees while they are working.

If employees are likely to be exposed to a hazardous substance in the workplace, the employer is required to:

For their part, employees are required to notify their employers of any object or circumstance in the workplace that presents a danger to their health or safety or to that of their colleagues or of any other person whom the employer may authorize on the work site.

Employee Training Program

The employer is responsible for ensuring that employees have the necessary information, training, and supervision to perform their work safely. This includes:

  • an appropriate understanding of overall work safety procedures;
  • knowledge of the safe use of workplace tools and equipment;
  • awareness of known or foreseeable workplace hazards;
  • informing them of their duty to report under paragraphs 126(1)(g) and (h) of the Act and under section 15.3; and
  • informing them of their right to refuse dangerous work.

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