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Official title: Updated RESP Transfer Forms

Information Bulletin

December 21, 2012
Updated Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) Transfer Forms


The purpose of this Information Bulletin is to:

  • release the updated Transfer Forms;
  • provide you with an overview of the changes;
  • inform you that the mandatory date for the use of these forms is being pushed back


The intent of this message is to provide you with the updated Transfer Forms to replace the forms launched on September 19, 2012.


On September 19, 2012, the New Transfer Forms HRSDC SDE 0088 (Form A), HRSDC SDE 0089 (Forms B) and HRSDC SDE 0090 (Form C) were released, along with the A-B Transfer Policy, via Info Bulletin no. PCEE/CESP-2012/13-002-482. These forms were the result of amending and separating Form HRSDC SDE 0050 (old transfer form) into three stand-alone forms.

On November 20, 2012, the Canada Education Savings Program (CESP) issued Info Bulletin no. PCEE/CESP-2012/13-005-508 to inform Financial Institutions (FIs) of forthcoming updates to these forms and recommend that system changes be postponed until they are re-issued.

CESP has updated these forms to address some of the common concerns raised through feedback received from FI's after the New Transfer Forms were launched.

As CESP will be administering the Saskatchewan Advantage Grant for Education Savings (SAGES) incentive on behalf of the province of Saskatchewan, CESP will be updating the New Transfer Forms to enable the transfer of the SAGES incentive. This work will be completed in Spring 2013.

Updates / Additions to the Transfer Form

Form A:

Area III – Subscriber Authorization and Instructions to Transfer: the "Investment Code/Name" column has been expanded to accommodate 50 spaces/characters.

Form B:

Area IV – Transfer Eligibility Information: Numbering was added to each question for ease of reference, a separate question was added for the CLB, and some titles were changed to mirror the changes made in the guidelines.

Guidelines: The guideline entitled "Additional CESG Sibling Rule" was renamed to "Sibling-Only Rule" since this rule applies to other incentives. Content was added to clarify question no. 5, and to identify the other incentives impacted by this rule.

A new guideline "A-B Transfer Policy and the Additional CESG Sibling-Only Rule" was added to clarify:

  • what the A-B Policy is and how it links to the sibling-only rule;
  • what the promoters' obligations are when they agree to administer these rules;
  • what the consequences are when promoters do not agree to administer these rules and the transfer occurs.

All Forms:

Page numbers were added to the forms and their respective guidelines.


Promoters have the option of using the December 2012 version of these forms or continue using the old transfer form until the use of Forms A, B and C become mandatory at a date later in Spring 2013.

However, all promoters, including those who choose to continue using the old transfer form, are required to use and complete (Areas IV and V) of the December 2012 version of New Transfer Form B as of the date of this Info Bulletin.

Until all three forms become mandatory, promoters should indicate the RESP contract numbers, of both the receiving and transferring RESP, on all the forms they send. This will ensure that transfers of RESP funds are made to the correct accounts.

Key Dates

As of the date of this InfoBulletin, the December 2012 version of New Transfer Forms A, B and C are available on the HRSDC website and they replace the September 2012 version of these forms. The use and completion of Areas IV and V, of the December 2012 version of Form B, remains mandatory as of the date of this Information Bulletin.

The mandatory date of March 1, 2013 for the use of Forms A, B, and C has been pushed back until a further date in Spring 2013 to accommodate the inclusion of SAGES into the transfer forms.


For more information, please contact the Canada Education Savings Program by phone at 1-888-276-3624 or by e-mail at cesp-pcee@hrsdc-rhdcc.gc.ca.

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