Find wage subsidies to hire post-secondary students

Work placements are a win-win for employers and students. Through the Student Work Placement program, employers can apply for wage subsidies to help them hire post-secondary students across Canada.

How much you could get

How to apply

Apply for wage subsidies through one of the following funding recipients:

  1. Technation
  2. Information and Communications Technology Council
  3. Canadian Council for Aviation and Aerospace
  4. ECO Canada
  5. Biotalent Canada
  6. Electricity Human Resources Canada
  7. Mining Industry Human Resources Council
  8. Venture for Canada
  9. Magnet Student Work Placement Program
  10. Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium
  11. Ontario Chamber of Commerce
  12. Tourism HR Canada
  13. Cultural Human Resources Council
  14. Trucking HR Canada
  15. Canadian Agricultural Human Resources Council
  16. Food Processing Skills Canada
  17. Canadian Media Producers Association
  18. FCCQ

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