Marking a major meteorological milestone

This year, the Meteorological Service of Canada (MSC) marked 150 years of providing quality weather forecasting services and information to Canadians.

The weather captures the interest and fascination of Canadians of all ages. It is part of our daily lives, prompting us to grab a sweater or an umbrella, slow down when driving, or plan a day in the park with our families. Many parts of our economy, such as agriculture and transport, are very sensitive to changes in the weather.

One of the nation’s oldest government institutions, the Meteorological Service of Canada has been helping Canadians make informed decisions about their health and safety and our economic prosperity for 150 years.

We are our nation’s authoritative source for severe-weather alerts and weather, water, ice, and climate data in Canada.

We provide weather forecasts and other meteorological and hydrological services to Canadians 365 days a year. In times of crisis, like hurricanes or flooding, our meteorologists and hydrologists work around the clock to monitor and predict hazards and work closely with provincial and territorial partners, helping to promote preparedness and resiliency.

During our 150-year history, our forecasting tools and infrastructure have evolved to keep pace with advancements in technology and the information needs of Canadians. We collect thousands of observations every day, using the latest technologies and the best science available to guide our weather predictions: weather balloons, weather radars, specialized sensors on the ground, marine buoys, satellite-receiving stations, hydrometric stations, automated weather stations, sophisticated computer models running on powerful supercomputers, and other specialized monitoring equipment.

These state-of-the-art tools help us detect and predict severe weather and give Canadians the most accurate weather information possible.

Today, weather information for thousands of locations across Canada is at the fingertips of Canadians through the WeatherCAN mobile app.

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