Clean Air Day in Canada

On the first Wednesday in June, since 1999, Canada recognizes Clean Air Day to remind us of the importance of clean air for good health and a safe environment. While Canadians benefit from relatively good air quality, air pollution continues to have an impact on our environment and health, contributing both to health issues and premature deaths. In fact, air pollution is the leading environmental risk to health in Canada and contributes to 17,400 deaths annually. Air pollution harms wildlife, vegetation, and ecosystems. Air pollution, including wildfire smoke, knows no boundaries and, as we saw from the devasting effects of last year’s wildfires, it can affect all areas of Canada and into the United States.

This year’s Clean Air Day is on June 5, 2024. On this day, take time to learn about the sources of air pollution, its impacts on our health and what you can do to protect it. Also, learn about what the Government of Canada is doing to protect air quality. All of us can take action to reduce our own emissions to collectively contribute to cleaner air and reduce the impacts of climate change for everyone.

Celebrate Clean Air Day

Find resources, ideas, and ways to get involved with Clean Air Day from our partners:

Watch and listen

Clean Air Day – Live!

Join this fun and interactive presentation with Environment and Climate Change Canada scientist Charlotte to learn about climate change in Canada's Arctic region and how it impacts the air we breathe throughout the rest of the country. Charlotte will also show us how her team monitors the weather, focussing specifically on tracking weather over the oceans and in the Canadian High Arctic.

This is a great learning opportunity for students in grades 1 to 9!

Deep Breath, Deep Dive: Air Quality and Your Health

Tune in to the Healthy Canadians podcast where hosts Megan Beahen and Alex Newman sit down with Angelos Anastasopolos, PhD, Scientist with the Water and Air Quality Bureau at Health Canada to explore how air quality can affect our health and what we can do about it. The Healthy Canadians podcast is produced by Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada. It provides a space for nuanced conversations and expert insights on health topics that matter to all of us.

This is great episode to learn about the complex conversations around air quality and your health.

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