Forward Regulatory Plan 2017 to 2019, Environment and Climate Change Canada, chapter 4

Environmental Emergencies

Proposed Regulatory Initiatives

Environmental Emergency Regulations, 2016

Enabling Act

Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999


The existing Environmental Emergency Regulations will be repealed and replaced by the proposed Environmental Emergency Regulations (2016). The proposed Regulations strengthen the existing regulations, by adding new substances to the current list of 215 regulated substances, clarifying environmental emergency plan requirements, and introducing periodic reporting.

The proposed Regulations would primarily affect the following six business sectors:

  • chemical manufacturing;
  • petroleum refineries;
  • rubber products manufacturing;
  • textile mills;
  • paints and coatings; and
  • mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction.

Indication of business impact

There may be business impacts. The “One-for-One” Rule and/or the Small Business Lens may apply.


Environment and Climate Change Canada conducted preliminary consultations in 2013–2014 using a variety of means to inform and consult, including its website, electronic surveys and online meetings. Over 300 responses were received. A summary of the responses was posted on the Environmental Emergencies website.

The proposed Regulations were published in Canada Gazette, Part I on October 8, 2016 for a 60-day comment period. (

Target date for publication in the Canada Gazette, Part II is winter 2017/2018.


Tanya Bryant
A/Director, Environmental Emergencies
Telephone: 819-938-4072
Fax: 819-420-7624

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