Canadian Wildlife Service

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  2. Organization chart
  3. Human resources information
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  5. Background material (significant recent briefing products, publicly available documents, etc.)
    1. Pan-Canadian Approach to Transforming Species at Risk Conservation
    2. 2019 SARA Ministerial Round Table - Recommendations
    3. One with Nature: A Renewed Approach to Land and Freshwater Conservation in Canada - A report of Canada’s Federal Provincial and Territorial Departments Responsible for Parks, Protected Areas, Conservation, Wildlife and Biodiversity
    4. Canada Nature Fund - recent announcements
      1. Target 1 Challenge Fund
      2. Community nominated priority places
        1. News Release
        2. Backgrounder
    5. Nature Champions Summit – April 2019
      1. News Release
      2. Nature Champions: Call to Action
    6. Meeting Summary – June 2019 Meeting of Federal, provincial and territorial Deputy Ministers responsible for Conservation, Wildlife and Biodiversity
    7. State of Canada’s Birds - 2019
    8. Habitat Matters – Canadian 2019 Report - North American Waterfowl Management Plan
    9. Summary of Canada’s 6th National Report to the Convention on Biological Diversity
    10. IPBES Global Assessment Report on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services - Summary for Policy Makers
    11. Section 63 Reports on Species at Risk
    12. Section 11 agreements (use existing material, i.e., placemat/map)

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