Deputy Minister transition binder 2023

Welcome letter

Mr. Chris Forbes
Deputy Minister of Environment and Climate Change
200 Sacré-Cœur Boulevard
Gatineau QC, K1A 0H3

Dear Chris:

It is a very exciting time to welcome you back to Environment and Climate Change Canada. The Department plays a pivotal role on issues of national and international importance, including climate change, biodiversity loss, and pollution. The need to act on climate change is a top priority for the Government of Canada as reflected in the common language included in the mandate letter of every minister. You are also arriving on the heels of a successful COP15, which brought an increased focus and commitment to tackling biodiversity loss. At the same time, the Department continues to fulfill its important environmental protection mandate and to provide essential services to Canadians, including weather and environmental prediction services.

The Department has evolved significantly since your time at Environment and Climate Change Canada as Assistant Deputy Minister of Strategic Policy. To help re-acquaint you with the organization, we have prepared a booklet providing an overview of the Department as well as foundational briefing documents on key areas of work: climate change, nature protection, environmental protection, meteorological services, and science.

The Department is also prepared to provide more in-depth briefings on priority issues that will require your attention over the coming weeks and months. You can count on a dedicated and enthusiastic workforce, at all levels and in every branch, to support you in delivering the important mandate of the department.

We feel fortunate to have you at the helm of our very active Department and look forward to working closely with you.


Lawrence Hanson, Paul Halucha

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