Canada launches new climate data portal to give Canadians reliable tools to adapt to climate change

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August 15, 2019 – Montréal, Quebec

Climate change is real and it is accelerating. Climate change can also intensify extreme weather events like floods, droughts, and heatwaves. And Canadians across the country are feeling the effects of these changes through the impact it has had on their homes, businesses, and their health. That is why the Government of Canada is providing access to climate data and information that will help protect Canadians from its worst impacts.

Today, Catherine McKenna, the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, announced Canada’s newest climate data portal: This website provides engineers, public health professionals, urban planners, mayors, and anyone else doing long-term planning with user-friendly climate change information, data, resources and tools. was developed by the Computer Research Institute of Montréal in collaboration with Ouranos, the Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium, the Prairie Climate Centre, and Habitat Seven with support from the Canadian Centre for Climate Services.

The new portal includes a Health section with useful data to support health authorities’ adaptation strategies and planning.  The Canadian Centre for Climate Services continues to support a suite of online data portals that are useful for Canadians looking for general information on climate change trends, for informed decision-makers that need high-resolution data, and for climate science researchers looking to collaborate and share scientific knowledge. For more information, visit the Canadian Centre for Climate Services website.


“Canada’s climate is warming, and we need to help Canadians plan for the potential impacts of climate change. This is an important next step in giving our decision-makers even greater access to important climate data for longer-term planning. The more each of us uses this type of information, the more it will help communities and individuals right across Canada make informed decisions that really take the potential impacts of climate change into consideration. We need to work together to protect Canada’s communities, environment and economy.”
– Catherine McKenna, Minister of Environment and Climate Change

“We have worked with several partners, with the support of Environment and Climate Change Canada, to develop an innovative software solution,, to provide Canadian leaders and managers with easy access to useful, actual and future climate data and information to assist them in anticipating and managing climate change-related issues over the medium and long term. We thank all of our partners for their respective expertise and commitment to working together to develop an outstanding and convivial web-based management tool that will provide relevant information to each and every community across Canada.”
Françoys Labonté, Executive Director, Computer Research Institute of Montréal

Quick facts

  • The new portal was launched in June 2019 and provides more detailed climate data for decision-makers. It is aimed at more experienced users.

  • Users can explore, visualize and download climate data and information tailored to their specific needs. It includes an interactive map so you can see how the climate is changing where you live.

  • is part of a suite of climate data portals supported by the Canadian Centre for Climate Services that collaboratively share climate information with a wide variety of users.

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