Transboundary notification: energy from waste facility

(1) Name and address of proponent:
Covanta Energy Corp., 445 South Street, Morristown, New Jersey, USA.

(2) Latitude and longitude of proposed facility:
43o 87’ 41” N,  78 o 75’29” W

(3) Distance to the Canada/U.S. border:
27 km

(4) Brief description of the proposed project (major products, process, capacity, etc):
An Energy from Waste Facility is proposed to be constructed and operated on vacant land located on a 12.1 hectare property located in Clarington Energy Business Park on the west side of Osbourne Road in the Regional Municipality of Durham. The facility will function to receive and thermally process municipal sold waste generated in the Region of Durham and York. The energy content in the form of superheated steam will be used to generate electricity and potentially provide district heating. The hours of operation are 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. The facility meets all applicable air, noise, waste and water environmental requirements under the Province of Ontario.

(5) For combustion processes, list capacity (tonnes/year), fuel type and grade:
Capacity: 154,324 tons/year, Fuel Type: MSW/Natural gas, Fuel Grade: N/A

(6) Contact for technical and design information:
Matthew Mulcahy
Phone Number: (862) 345-5445
Fax Number: (862) 345-5064

(7) Estimated annual quantities of the following pollutants released to the atmosphere (tonnes per year):
: 47.18 tonnes/year
: 30.18 tonnes/year
: 162.36 tonnes/year (equivalent to NO2)
: 44.81 tonnes/year
: 53.81 tonnes/year

(8) List hazardous air pollutants with emissions estimates (tonnes/year) for any hazardous pollutants with expected annual emission rates of greater than 1 tonne per year:
Fluorides: 1.09 tonnes/year
Hydrogen Chloride: 12.18 tonnes/year
Ammonia: 13.36 tonnes

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