Consultation report: proposed revisions to Federal Halocarbon Regulations, appendix A

Appendix A - Meeting Agenda  

Environment Canada - Proposed Revisions to the Federal Halocarbon Regulations, 2003


Proposed Revisions to the Federal Halocarbon Regulations, 2003:

To continue minimizing releases of halocarbons while:

  • addressing administrative and operational issues in a practical manner; and
  • reducing the administrative burden.


  • Obtaining feedback on changes proposed by Environment Canada;
  • Identifying other areas for improvement; and
  • Clarifying the next steps in the regulatory process.


08:30 Registration  
A. Context and Status
09:00 Welcome
Marie-France Nguyen, Environment Canada
  Agenda and Process Review
09:15 Overview of Proposed Changes
Sandi Moser, Environment Canada
  Open Forum - Questions of Clarification

B. Proposed Changes & Feedback
09:30 Overview of Proposed Changes by Section
Sandi Moser, Environment Canada

Discussion Following Review of Each Section

  • Are there any concerns with the proposed changes?
  • Are there additional suggestions to reduce administrative burden?

A. Interpretation
Issue 1 - Definition of Charging
Issue 2 - Definition of Owner
Issue 3 - Definition of Small System

B. Prohibitions
Issue 4 - Prohibition of HCFC Solvent Systems

C. Recovery
Issue 5 - Recovery from Out-of-Service Systems
Issue 6 - Records of Dismantling, Decommissioning and Destruction Notices

10:15 Health Break  

Discussion Continued...

D. Halocarbon Inventory
Issue 7 - Halocarbon Inventory

E. Installation, Servicing, Leak Testing and Charging
Issue 8 - Charging Halocarbons for Leak Testing
Issue 9 - Leak Test Notices
Issue 10 - Annual Inspections
Issue 11 - ICAO Amendments
Issue 12 - Charging Prohibitions

F. Service Logs
Issue 13 - Exemption of Small Refrigeration and Small Air-Conditioning Systems from Service Log Requirements

G. Release Reports
Issue 14 - Reporting of Releases of 100 kg or more

11:45 Lunch (NOT INCLUDED)  

Discussion Continued...

H. Critical Systems
Issue 15 - Critical Systems

I. Permits
Issue 16 - Permits to Install Fire-Extinguishing Systems

J. Logs, Notices, Records and Reports
Issue 17 - Regulatee Identification
Issue 18 - Unoccupied Sites

K. Schedule 2
Issue 19 - Description of System
Issue 20 - Request for a Permit

15:15 Health Break  
C. Path Forward
15:30 Open Forum - Final Questions and Feedback from Participants  
15:55 Next Steps and Closing Comments
Marie-France Nguyen, Environment Canada
16:00 Adjourn  

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