Air Quality Health Index partners

The Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) is the result of a unique and ongoing collaboration between multiple partners located across Canada.

The Index itself is based on research of the health effects of air pollution carried out by Health Canada and other health research organizations. The AQHI hourly values and daily forecasts are calculated and produced by Environment and Climate Change Canada, using information from air quality monitoring networks operated by the provinces and territories.

Public health agencies and non-government health organizations also play a major role. Through their outreach activities, they help to make Canadians aware of the Index and its value in protecting their health. Further support comes from the many environmental organizations that encourage action to reduce air pollution to protect the environment.  Municipal governments, industry and aboriginal organizations also play a key role in parts of the country.

If you have questions about air quality in your community please refer to our list of local partners. You can also contact Environment and Climate Change Canada ( if you have inquiries related to the environment or AQHI forecasting, or Health Canada ( for information on the health impacts of air quality.

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