Air Quality Health Index

Air Quality Health Index

Local conditions, forecasts, wildfire smoke, health risks, pollutants, weather, educational tool kits and publications.

Services and information

Services and information

Local Air Quality Health Index conditions

Current conditions, forecasts, air monitoring station locations.

Your health risks

Air pollution, respiratory illnesses, cardiovascular conditions, elderly, children.

Categories and health messages

Measurement scale, health risk categories, health messages, at risk individuals, general public.

Frequently asked questions

Air pollution, Air Quality Health Index, community value, station observation.

How to use the Air Quality Health Index

Guide, health messages, categories, forecast, people at risk.

About the Air Quality Health Index

Public information tool, calculations, scale measurements, weather.

Improve air quality

Actions, transportation, commuting, heating appliances, home energy, tips.

Air quality and weather

Weather variables, forecast products, science, weather conditions, deterioration.

Air quality videos

Air quality, weather animations, thermal inversions, topography, long-range transport.

Partners in action

Health research organizations, health agencies, local health authorities.

Kids’ zone

Indi the caterpillar animation video, index scale, colour days, risk categories.

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